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Review: Selected Articles from VSA Journal

Review: Selected Articles from VSA Journal

Reviewed by Ernest Nussbaum

Originally published in American Lutherie #11, 1987 and Big Red Book of American Lutherie Volume One, 2000

Review: Selected Articles from VSA Journal
Violin Society of America
48 Academy St., Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Vol. VII No. 3. (All the articles in this issue were originally presented as papers at the VSA’s Tenth Annual Convention in November 1982, and include discussion based on questions from the audience.)

Peggy Shipman: “Retouching: Methods and Materials.” Ms. Shipman’s paper mentions the use of water color; choosing the right wood for repairs and possible heat treatment for same, types of stains, color theory, the use of oil vs. alcohol varnish, pigments and coloring materials, and brush types.

Herbert A. Wilson: “Space Age Technology for the Violin World.” Mr. Wilson manufactures an abrasive called “Micro-Mesh” which can be used for producing an ultra-fine finish on many surfaces including those of musical instruments. (The material is also sold on a foam backing under the name “Polysand.”) The paper deals with where, when, and how to use this material, how it acts on a surface, and how its action differs from that of other abrasives/polishing agents.

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