Instrument Plans

GAL Instrument Plans are full-scale inkjet prints. We do not provide pdfs or other digital versions of our plans.

For order outside the USA: Plans can be shipped folded for quicker delivery on request.

See a complete list of our plans in numerical order here.

We currently offer over 75 instrument plans. Our plans cover a wide range of instruments are a reflection of what individual GAL members have drawn and submitted over the years; they are not comprehensive in scope nor uniform in presentation. Our plans originally appeared in reduced form in our journal, American Lutherie, and may have subsequently appeared in the Big Red Books of American Lutherie or American Lutherie Anthology books. Most plans were originally accompanied by articles which contained additional information about the instrument, such as photos and details of the restoration or building process. Those articles appeared in American Lutherie but may not be included on the full-scale plan itself, so you may want to obtain a particular back issue or book to have all the information we’ve published on a particular instrument. This will be noted on the individual plan description.

We add new plans to our list soon after they appear in a current issue of American Lutherie. If you have an instrument that you’d like to measure to create a new plan, please contact us.

Caveat emptor: Beware of instrument plans sold on ebay, as fraudulent copies of our copyrighted instrument plans are occasionally sold there. Besides being illegal copies, these forgeries are often unusable or incomplete. If you see a suspicious sale, please let us know. Thanks.