GAL Books

The Guild of American Luthiers has published over a dozen books, most of which are compilations of articles previously published in our journal American Lutherie.

Our newest books are the softcover full-color American Lutherie Anthology series. We publish a new book each fall on a specific topic. Articles are taken from older or out-of-print issues of American Lutherie.

We produced seven volumes in our Big Red Book of American Lutherie series, five of which are still in print. Each of these hardcover books contains articles from three years (twelve issues) of American Lutherie.

Our iconic book, Historical Lute Construction by master luthier and historian Robert Lundberg, is the only step-by-step construction guide to making an historical lute in print.

Lutherie Tools has inspired luthiers to make and develop their own tools since its first printing in 1990.

A Luthier’s Alphabet of Imaginary Instruments is a fantastical ABC, with original brightly colored woodcuts and witty poems brought to us by the indescribably talented luthier and artist Fred Carlson.