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Sharing lutherie information is what the Guild is all about, and American Lutherie is our primary vehicle for accomplishing that goal. Articles come from two sources: those produced by the GAL staff in collaboration with our members (such as presentations from our conventions, and interviews with instrument makers), and voluntary submissions by Guild members themselves. Our volunteer authors are motivated by a desire to benefit others with what they have learned, and to support the give-and-take system employed by the Guild.

Our respected quarterly journal American Lutherie focuses on all aspects of the art, craft, and science of stringed instrument making and repair, and it reflects the varied interests of our diverse membership.

Rich in quality content, friendly in tone, and abundantly illustrated with full-color photos, each 76-page issue contains interviews, adventures, research, opinion, reviews, and how-to information, all of specific interest to the maker and repairer of stringed musical instruments.

In American Lutherie, we strive to publish methods, opinions, and explanations that are backed by experience. GAL members find the techniques, practices, and materials of other builders to be of value in their own workshops, whether in their own specific fields or not. This wide outlook and open attitude is basic to the success of the Guild. It seems to be working. Never has the worldwide lutherie scene been stronger, deeper, more productive, or more highly regarded. The Guild and its members are proud to continue to be a part of the ongoing advancement of the luthier’s craft.

What started as a small newsletter in 1972, grew and developed into our full-sized journal American Lutherie in 1985, and went to full-color printing in 2011. Beginning in 2000, we collected three years of American Lutherie at a time into large hardcover volumes called the Big Red Books of American Lutherie, as the back issues went out of print. We published seven Big Red Books, covering eighty-four issues of American Lutherie magazine.

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American Lutherie Current Issues

Tools and Jigs: An American Lutherie Anthology

Tools and Jigs is the newest title in our series of American Lutherie Anthology books. It’s a soft cover, 100-page book with articles selected from the 2006-2011 issues of American Lutherie. Unlike the original issues of AL, this book is printed in full color.

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Scheduled to be mailed to current members in late September 2019.

American Lutherie #137 – Summer 2019

Federico Sheppard visits Todd Cambio, a guitar maker who revives the early-twentieth-century work of American guitar factories, Italian-American luthiers of New York, and Mexican-American makers. Mark French documents the ongoing adoption of CNC technology by individual luthiers. Cyndy Burton catches up with Canadian luthier Joshia de Jonge, who shows us how she builds an elevated and “twisted” neck for a classical guitar. Harp-guitar pope Gregg Miner looks into the early development of Gibson guitar strings. Todd Mylet gives a detailed explanation of resetting a dovetailed guitar neck. A 12-week course at The Totnes School of Guitar Making on the English seaside is described by former student J.A.T. Stanfield. R.M. Mottola gives short summaries of two articles recently published on-line by Savart Journal. Tom Ribbecke remembers lacquer expert Fred Campbell. Tim Olsen remembers early GAL staffer Leo Bidne. Greg Maxwell describes a seminar on modal tuning given by author Trevor Gore. A new Spanish-language step-by-step guitar making book by Luis Alberto Paredes Rodríguez is reviewed by Juan Oscar Azaret. And more.

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American Lutherie #136 – Spring 2019

Federico Sheppard presents a photo tour of the late Bob Ruck’s shop in Eugene Oregon. In a slide show from the 2017 GAL Convention, Kerry Char disassembles and restores a smashed flattop guitar. Mark French explains mechanical impedance. The large and prolific Tatay family of guitar makers is documented and explained by January Williams. Meet the versatile instrument maker Shaun Newman from Devon, England. Investigation of an unusual 1935 guitar made by Cremonese Luthier Luigi Digiuni. R.M.Mottola shows us the finer points of determining the scale length of an existing instrument. Harry Fleishman installs frets made of delrin rod on a multiscale electric bass. Mark French gives us an overview of Charles Fox’s “Hands-On Guitar Making” course. Peter Tsiorba reviews the opulent boxed set “34 Classical Guitars in Life Size.” And more.

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American Lutherie Back Issues

Back issues of American Lutherie from previous years are available to purchase individually. We currently have over 45 back issues available. See our Big Red Book of American Lutherie Series for even more American Lutherie content.

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