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American Lutherie #145 - Spring 2022

Michael Bashkin makes ornamented pegheads and end grafts, using marquetry combined with veneer lines. Jeffrey Elliott reviews three of his major classical-guitar restorations. New York guitar repair guy Matt Brewster is interviewed by Evan Gluck. Mark French visits The Musical Instrument Museum in Arizona. Roger Haggstromm makes a simple hand-powered jig to accurately radius a fretboard without using power tools. Sjaak Elmendorp builds a piccolo balalaika. C.F. Casey makes two successful instruments from a single softwood two-by-four with a knot in it. R.M. Mottola precisely describes his process for slotting a guitar nut, using a laser-printed template. John Calkin steps us through his straightforward, no-nonsense process of routing control cavities in solid guitar bodies. Optimizing a verticaly-mounted electric bending iron. Reviews of RM Mottola's new book Building the Steel String Acoustic Guitar plus a deep video on Inlay Techniques with Larry Robinson. Plus In Memoriam, the "Worked for Me" column, Lutherie Curmudgeon, Letters, and more.

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Terz Guitar
GAL Plan #80  Drawn by James Buckland

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