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Building a Plywood Bass

Building a Plywood Bass

by Richard Ennis

Originally published in American Lutherie #3, 1985 and Big Red Book of American Lutherie Volume One, 2000

see also,
In Praise of the Plywood Bass by Frederick C. Lyman, Jr.

Here is the basic design of one of the more unusual instruments I build in my workshop. This plywood three-quarter double bass of approximately 90 liters is built to a design that increases durability and ease of transport with reduced cost and maintenance. It has proved to be very popular with musicians and attracts the attention of nonmusicians as well.

The demand for an instrument such as this is widespread. Quality double basses are scarce and very expensive, and certainly beyond the reach of beginners, schools, part-time bands, and those musicians who might take it up as a second instrument. An instrument of this design can be easily purchased and cared for and makes an ideal community instrument.

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