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Review: Folk Harp Design and Construction by Jeremy H. Brown

Review: Folk Harp Design and Construction by Jeremy H. Brown

Reviewed by C.F. Casey

Originally published in American Lutherie #83, 2005 and Big Red Book of American Lutherie Volume Seven, 2015

Folk Harp Design and Construction
Jeremy H. Brown 150 pp.

You’ve got to like a book that begins, “Anybody can spout off his own opinions into a book if he puts his mind to it. Why a person would want to go to such trouble is a question I’ve been asking myself lately.”

I should point out that there’s an alias at work here. Jeremy H. Brown, author, is in another life Jerry Brown, founder and head honcho of Musicmaker’s Kits, Inc. (See John Calkin’s “Kit Review: Musicmaker’s Regency Harp” in AL#69, BRBAL6.) Does that mean the book is a shill for selling kits? Not at all. Naturally, most of the references are to Musicmaker’s designs. That’s reasonable enough; they are, after all, the designs Brown would be most familiar with. You wouldn’t expect Chris Martin to write a book on Gibson designs. However, Brown doesn’t stop there. I counted over two dozen references to the approaches and opinions of other harp builders throughout the eight chapters of the book.

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