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Review: Shoptalk 5 by Todd Sams, Don MacRostie, Dan Erlewine

Review: Shoptalk 5 by Todd Sams, Don MacRostie, Dan Erlewine

Reviewed by John Calkin

Originally published in American Lutherie #59, 1999 and Big Red Book of American Lutherie Volume Five, 2008

Video: Shoptalk 5
Todd Sams, Don MacRostie, Dan Erlewine

At the ’99 Merlefest in North Carolina I had the good fortune to find myself manning a booth next to Stew-Mac. It was a pleasure to meet Todd Sams and get to know Jay Hostetler better. It was also astonishing to hear so many self-proclaimed luthiers confess that they had never heard of Stewart-MacDonald. Where do these luthiers buy their tools?

My guess is that they aren’t buying them at all, that what they can’t find at Ace Hardware or cobble together in the shop they are doing without; that they don’t even know about the tools that could make their work better and their lives easier.

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