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Review: How to Repair Your Diatonic Accordion or Concertina

Review: How to Repair Your Diatonic Accordion or Concertina

John Townley and Jehan Paul

Lark in the Morning LAR019

approx. 1 hour

available from Mel Bay dealers and Elderly Instruments

Origially published in American Lutherie #55, 1998

Townley and Paul set a new standard of sorts for instruction videos. Their workbench is a cafe table. Townley would blend right in at any luthier’s convention, while Paul looks like a Parisian street musician. It’s a Mutt-and-Jeff combination that works very well. As Paul says, “It’s important to be relaxed while working on accordions,” and the two belt down tequila as the show progresses. It’s pretty amusing at first, but by the end you’ll want to pour out some shooters for yourself for the second viewing.

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