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Questions: Full Sized Violin Molds

Questions: Full Sized Violin Molds

by Henry Strobel

Originally published in American Lutherie #58, 1999


Pat Montenegro from St. Angelo, TX asks:

Where can I get full-size violin molds?

Henry Strobel of Aumsville, OR

Most people make them rather than purchase them ready made. My books on violin making should be of help. (For more information on Henry Strobel’s books see reviews in AL#39.)

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Review: Strobel Series for Violin Makers

Review: Strobel Series for Violin Makers

by Henry Strobel, Publisher

Originally published in American Lutherie #39, 1994 and Big Red Book of American Lutherie Volume Four, 2006

Book One: Useful Measurements for Violin Makers, A Reference for Shop Use
Henry Strobel
1st edition July 1988
4th edition (4th printing) April 1994, 46 pp. (paper)
ISBN 0962067326

Book Two: Violin Maker’s Notebook
Henry Strobel
2nd edition 1992, 66 pp. (paper)
ISBN 0962067334

Book Three: The Health of the Violin, and the Viola and Cello
Lucien Greilsamer
Translated from the French by Henry Strobel 1991, 34 pp. (paper)
ISBN 0962067342

Book Four: Art & Method of the Violin Maker: Principles and Practices
Henry Strobel
1st edition 1992, 2nd edition 1993, 78 pp. (paper)
ISBN 0962067350

Book Five: Violin Making, Step by Step
Henry Strobel
1st edition 1994
ISBN 0962067369

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