The Big Red Book of American Lutherie Volume Three


The Big Red Book of American Lutherie Volume Three, 1991-1993

From American Lutherie #25-36


The articles listed below from this Big Red Book appear in our American Lutherie Anthology books or in our Premium Web Content.

Classical Guitars: An American Lutherie Anthology
The Spanish Guitar at the Metropolitan Museum of Art by R.E. Brune
Segovia's 1937 Hauser by R.E. Brune
Questions about Segovia's 1937 Hauser by R.E. Brune

Flattop Guitars 2: An American Lutherie Anthology
Thoughts on Steel String Guitar Making by Jean Larrivee
A Talk with Bob Taylor by Phillip Lea
Travels in French Lutherie by Paul Hostetter
A Selmer Primer by Francois Charle
Meet the Maker: Maurice Dupont by Paul Hostetter

Premium Web Content
Brazilian Tonewoods by Roberto Gomes
Bending Sides with Silicone Blankets by Michael Keller
Taking the Guitar Beyond Equal Temperament by Don Musser
An Ingenious Epinette by John Bromka
Shortening Schaller Shafts by David Golber
Some Alternative Lutherie Woods by Tom Ribbecke
Alternative Lutherie Woods List by Nicholas Von Robison
Jatoba by Nicholas Von Robison and Debbie Suran
Gimme Back My Minutes by Rick Turner
Meet the Maker: Donald Warnock by Cyndy Burton
The Portuguese Guitarra: A Modern Cittern by Ronald Louis Fernandez
Free Plate Tuning, Parts One: Theory by Alan Carruth
Free Plate Tuning, Part Two: Violins by Alan Carruth
Free Plate Tuning, Part Three: Guitars by Alan Carruth
In Search of the Perfect Cone by Tim Earls
North American Softwoods by Ted Davis
A Primer on Botanical Pronunciation by Nicholas Von Robison
Whence Tree Names? by Nicholas Von Robison
Commercial Graphite Acoustic Guitars by John Decker
6-Course Ivory Lute Labeled Magno Dieffopruchar by Ken Sribnick and Gayle Miller
Ivory Lute: Picture This by Ken Sribnick and Gayle Miller
Ivory Lute: Questions Remain by Robert Lundberg
Hellfire! or How Not To Build A Banjo by Harold Turner
Brazilian Guitar Makers by Roberto Gomes
Big Blue Ladder by Harold Turner
Sustainability: An Issue Facing Luthiers by John Curtis
Meet the Maker: Bart Reiter by Paul Hostetter
It's a Kabosy by Paul Hostetter
What You Should Know About the Hardanger Fiddle by David Golber
Stalking the Wild Maple by John Boser
Applications of the Silicone Heating Blanket in Violin Making by George Borun