The Big Red Book of American Lutherie Volume One


The Big Red Book of American Lutherie Volume One, 1985-1987

From American Lutherie #1-12


The articles listed below from this Big Red Book appear in our American Lutherie Anthology books or in our Premium Web Content.

Tools and Jigs: An American Lutherie Anthology
An Overview of the Hauser Tradition by Jeffrey Elliott
1943 Hauser Classic Guitar (GAL Plan #12) by Jeffrey Elliott
An Interview with Jeffrey R. Elliott by Joseph Bacon

Flattop Guitars 2: An American Lutherie Anthology
1918 Martin 1-18 (GAL Plan #8) by Ted Davis
Steiny and the Everly Guitar by Tim Olsen

Premium Web Content
Drafting Instrument Plans by Ted Davis
The Paul Schuback Story by Paul Schuback
Building the Tar by Nasser Shirazi
Violin Varnish and Sealers by Graham Caldersmith
Equal Temperament by Ian Noyce
Ocelot Ear and Spruceana by Don Musser
Oil Varnish Techniques by David Rolfe
The Travielo by Ernest Nussbaum
Lute Rib Cutting Jig by Robert Cooper
The Sami-Sen by Nicholas Von Robison
African Rosewood by John Jordan
Controlling Strings, Wood, and Air by Carleen Hutchins
Rosin Varnishes by Louis DeGrazia
Finishing Lute Soundboards by Lawrence D. Brown
Dissolving the Mysteries by Graham Caldersmith
Twenty Ancient Dyestuffs and Eleven Mordants by Nicholas Von Robison
Area Tuning the Violin by Keith Hill
The Truth About Temperaments by Edward Kottick
Basics of Air Resonance by W.D. Allen
Hints for Area Tuning the Violin by Keith Hill
Dalbergia Nigra and Friends by William Cumpiano and Bruce Hoadley
The Red (Spruce) Scare by Ted Davis
Bow Hair Jig by Thomas Snyder
Building a Plywood Bass by Richard Ennis
Devolution of the Modern Lute by Robert Cooper
South American Rosewood by John Jordan
In Praise of the Plywood Bass by Frederick C. Lyman, Jr.
The Bluegrass Dobro by Bobby Wolfe
Bass String Choices by Frederick C. Lyman, Jr.
Violin Top Removal by George Manno
The Well-Unpublished Luthier by William Cumpiano
H.L. Wild by Paul Wyszkowski
Out of the Basement by Richard Bingham
A Scene from Dickens by Steve Curtin
The Hammered Dulcimer: Ancient, Wonderful, and Still Evolving by Sam Rizzetta
Indian Import and Export by Gulab Gidwani
Roy Smeck: Wizard of the Strings by James Garber and Roy Smeck
Antonius Stradivarius in South Dakota by Joseph R. Johnson
Sealing Wood with Glair by Ken Cartwright
Bass Crate by Frederick C. Lyman, Jr.
Violin Ribs/Latent Tension by John Meng
The Cimbalom by Alexander I. Eppler
Folding Banjo Stand by Dick Kenfield
Fiddle Facts by Al Stancel
Musical Strings by H.E. Huttig
Remembering Harry LeBovit by Fred Calland
Jack Batts by Jeff Feltman
Flexible Dulcimer Hammers by Russ Carlisle
1704 Varnish Recipe by George Manno