Flattop Guitars 2

Flattop Guitars 2: An American Lutherie Anthology


Flattop Guitars 2, the fourth book in our American Lutherie Anthology series. It’s a full-color, soft cover, 100-page book with articles selected from the 1983-2014 issues of American Lutherie on the topic of flattop guitars. Unlike most of the original issues of AL, this book is printed in full color.

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GAL Instrument Plan #6: 20’s Gibson L-O Guitar

by Ted Davis

This plan is coming up on forty years old and is still a popular item. Get the full-scale drawing on the GAL website.

Steiny and the Everly Guitar

by Tim Olsen

This story from 1987 is the tale of one luthier’s connection to famous musicians, the Everly Brothers. Have you ever made a guitar with solid gold frets and binding? Robert Steinegger has.

GAL Instrument Plan #8: 1918 Martin 1-18, #13336

by Ted Davis

Here’s your chance to get a thorough preview of our full-scale drawing before you order it. Martin’s size 1 is a very small flattop guitar, less than 13 inches at the lower bout.

A Talk with Bob Taylor

by Phillip Lea

Few people in Guitarland are as outspoken and clear-headed as Bob Taylor. Here’s a fascinating look at what the industry-leading innovator was doing thirty years ago, as CNC gear was just starting to be a possibility.

Travels in French Lutherie

by Paul Hostetter

Nowadays, Gypsy jazz played on Selmer-style guitars is a solid and enduring category. But in the early 1990s it was just finding its legs. Musician, scholar, and luthier Paul Hostetter hit the road to hunt down the facts about Mario Maccaferri’s distinctive design work and his difficult relationship with the Selmer Company.

A Selmer Primer

by François Charle and Paul Hostetter

François Charle is a French expert on French guitars, and by now he has literally written the book on the subject. Here he gives us the basic facts we need in order to join the conversation.

Meet the Maker: Maurice Dupont

by Paul Hostetter

Meet a French guitar maker whose specialty is the recreation of Selmer guitars, starting with spruce logs.

Thoughts on Steel String Guitar Making

by Jean Larrivée

A lot has happened in the thirty years since this talk was first published. But a lot had already happened, too. At the time, Larrivée had overseen the creation of 15,000 acoustic guitars and 12,000 electrics. Much of what he has to say pertains as strongly to the one-off builder as it would to another industry giant, and he doesn’t hold back on anything.

Meet the Maker: Chris Jenkins

by Steve Kinnaird

Texas luthier Jenkins has become an inspiration to those who have seen his work, and he drew his own inspiration and instruction from Charles Fox, Harry Fleishman, Ervin Somogyi, and Fred Carlson. He’s a classic example of what can be accomplished by seeking out talented teachers rather than fiddling one’s own way up the learning curve.

Meet the Maker: Scott Baxendale

by Steve Wiencrot

Baxendale has lived a hyperactive life as a repairman and builder in several parts of America. In the early days he worked a stint for pioneer flattop maker Stuart Mossman and then became the owner of the Mossman company. He was a repairman for the Hard Rock Cafe chain and Gruhn Guitars before opening his own shops in Denver. Few luthiers live as hard or cover as much territory.

Meet the Maker: Michael Dunn

by Jonathon Peterson

Canadian Michael Dunn studied guitar making in Spain but ended up specializing in quintessentially French Maccaferri-style guitars with the internal soundbox and everything. His choices of inlay, marquetry, and body woods is original, playful, and stunning. He is also a lutherie teacher of note.

Building for Playability

by David Freeman

Here are some things you’ll want to know if you are trying to make comfortable, inviting, and musically empowering instruments rather than just guitar-shaped objects. In this article taken from his 2008 GAL Convention workshop, Freeman is not the least bit shy about reconfiguring the guitar’s shape or features to make musicians better and happier.

Finding Your Voice

by Dana Bourgeois

Bourgeois gave a workshop at our 2008 GAL Convention in which he demonstrated the process of voicing a braced soundboard for a steel string guitar. Here he steps us through the process and discusses what he intends with all the tiny adjustments.

How I build Forty Eight Guitars a Year With Almost No Tooling

by John Greven

John Greven is famous for making a lot of guitars of different shapes and sizes, in his basement, all by himself, with a very limited set of tools. Here we get the step-by-step rundown, based on his lecture to the 2011 GAL Convention. We believe this is the most popular article we have ever printed. The two issues in which it appears, AL#117 and #118, sold out years ago.

John Greven: Bracemaker

Fretboard Shaper

Slotting Fretboard

Shaping a Bridge

Spraying Body

Spraying Neck