The Big Red Book of American Lutherie Volume Six

The Big Red Book of American Lutherie Volume Six, 2000-2002

From American Lutherie #61–72.


Highlights include: flattop voicing with Dana Bourgeois; Monteleone on archtop sound; 19th-century guitars with Gary Southwell; violin making with Paul Schuback; classic peghead V joint with Géza Burghardt; classic guitar panel with Elliott, Byers, Clark, and Southwell; finish prep with Fred Campbell; alternative woods with John Calkin; 1976 Rodríguez Jr. guitar plan; 1869 González Restoration and plan; small shop production with Ralph Novak; step-by-step Spanish rosette with Eugene Clark; Greven’s inlay; and meet David Freeman, Masaru Kohno, Eugene Clark, Rick Turner, Harry Fleishman, Bob Benedetto, Ralph Novak, and others. Plus reviews, dozens of short how-to pieces, and more.

Hardcover, 568 pages, B&W photos and drawings.