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Questions: Double Neck Acoustic Guitar Plans

Questions: Double Neck Acoustic Guitar Plans

by Fred Carlson

Originally published in American Lutherie #100, 2009

Henry Canteri from Brazil asks:

Do you have any plans or other information about double neck (6- and 12-string) acoustic guitars?

Fred Carlson from Santa Cruz, California replies:

With any double-necked instrument, there are a few obvious choices to be made in the design stage:

▶ How much space do you need between the necks? This is crucial for the playability of the upper neck. I think most 6-and-12 double-necks have been solidbody electrics; generally speaking, left-hand technique on electrics tends to use less space (around the neck). The necks are smaller, they are often played in a standing position with a strap; the thumb often wraps around the neck. On the other end of the spectrum, if the player uses a classical position (sitting, guitar on left leg), the fretting arm and wrist extend much further out from the treble side of the neck; you’d need more space between necks if you wanted full utilization of the “upper” neck in that position. In order to accomplish that, the necks may need to be angled, rather than being parallel as is often seen on solidbody 6-and-12 double-necks. Steel-string/folk playing position tends to put the fretting hand somewhat closer to the neck, needing less space than classical, but everyone’s different.

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