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Review: Benedetto Archtop Plans

Review: Benedetto Archtop Plans

Reviewed by Dave Riggs

Originally published in American Lutherie #66, 2001 and Big Red Book of American Lutherie Volume Six, 2013

Benedetto Archtop Plans
Drawn by Skot Koenig

Any veteran writer knows it is probably not a good idea to gush praise upon a product which he is reviewing, and I always want to seem professional in the eyes of good writers in case one of them reads this. Therefore, knowing I may go to hell for it, I must warn you all to get ready for the gush.

Although plans have been published of a classic Epiphone by Scott Antes as well as D’Angelico New Yorkers by both Steve Andersen and Tom Ribbecke, the ones recently published by Bob Benedetto are unique among all such plans and are deserving of special mention. Forget that these new drawings are of guitars currently in production by a living luthier and that archtops may not be of interest to all guitar makers. The drawings are worth buying for several reasons, whether or not this particular instrument is of significance to you.

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