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Letter: Replying to Keith Hill’s Opinion Column

Letter: Replying to Keith Hill's Opinion Column

by David J. Cohen, Ph.D.

Originally published in American Lutherie #64, 2000

Dear Tim:

I’m led to wonder at the origin of some of Keith Hill’s ideas in his Opinion column in AL#63. In his first paragraph, he divided practitioners of lutherie and other crafts into those who love the craft — “good guys” — and those who love being involved in the craft — “bad guys.” I think such questioning of motives is divisive.

If I was put off by his first paragraph, his third and sixth paragraphs got to me personally. As a lifelong chemist, chemical educator, and avocational aficionado of musical acoustics and lutherie, I did take umbrage at his labeling of acoustical physics as “pseudo-science.” So I want to be careful not to attack him personally. He expressed his opinion well. I think his opinion deserves a response that is considered and not angry.

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