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Letter: British Violin Making Association Formed

Letter: British Violin Making Association Formed

by Marc Soubeyran, Chairman, British Violin Making Association

Originally published in American Lutherie #43, 1995


Dear friends,

We are writing to let you know about the British Violin Making Association which has recently been formed. Over the past three or four years there has been in Britain a growing need for such an association. Earlier this year a group of working violin makers and restorers came together to set up the Association.

Our aims are:
1) To raise the general standards of skill and expertise.
2) To encourage the dissemination of information.
3) To promote the skills of both new makers and restorers to the general public.
4) To promote a general fellowship of all those interested in and concerned with the violin family in all its aspects.

Membership of this Association is open for all those who wish to adhere to these aims. We wish to encourage a diverse membership that can provide new insights in all aspects of violin and bow making.

The Association’s future plans include conferences, exhibitions, lectures, a Newsletter, and social events. We look forward to creating and maintaining a worthwhile contact with you which would be to our mutual benefit. We would be delighted to keep you informed of our future activities.