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Indian Import and Export

Indian Import and Export

by Gulab Gidwani

from his 1986 GAL Convention lecture

Originally published in American Lutherie #11, 1987 and Big Red Book of American Lutherie Volume One, 2000

The reason I’m up here talking about importing and exporting woods is that I’m one of the few people who have had the fortune, or you could say misfortune, of being on both sides. I have been an exporter in India, I have been an importer over here. So I can give you some idea of the problems involved.

This whole thing started when I was living in the USA and I went to India on a vacation from my regular job. My younger brother sent me a cable telling me that the Gibson Company over here had problems getting a reliable supply of ebony. I said to myself, “That’s no big deal. I’ll go to the market and tell them please send some wood to the Gibson Company. Ebony is just like any other wood.”

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