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Honest Ron’s Lacquer Finishing Technique

Honest Ron’s Lacquer Finishing Technique

by Ron Lira

Originally published in Guild of American Luthiers Data Sheets #262, 1983 and Big Red Book of American Lutherie, Volume One, 2000

Tools and Materials:
High quality spray gun — Binks 69
Respirator and rubber gloves
1/2 h.p. or larger compressor
2 water traps in air line — Amflo 1060
Air regulator for 40 lbs.–50 lbs. static — Binks
Hot plate with water tub
Clean place to spray
Air or electric buffer and pads
     Rodac 717 and Schlegel 875C pads
120-, 220-, 320-, 600-grit sandpaper
     3M Tri-M-ite Fre-cut and wet or dry
Behlen Pore-o-Pac paste wood filler
Sherwin Williams T75C40 Finish lacquer
Sherwin Williams T67F3 Vinyl sanding sealer
Sherwin Williams R7K120 Thinner
Sherwin Williams R7K27 Retarder
Sherwin Williams D1T271 Rubbing compound
Sherwin Williams D1T13 Polishing compound
3-M-05990 Imperial Hand glaze

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