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Review: The Modern Harpsichord

Review: The Modern Harpsichord

Wolfgang Joachim Zuckermann

Octoberhouse Inc. $15.00

Originally published in Guild of American Luthiers Newsletter Volume 1, #1, 1973


This recent book by Mr. Zuckermann is a large, well-illustrated, intelligently written and edited volume that lists and comments on most of the known makers of today. It contains, also, an historical preface and a practical guide to the care and feeding of all kinds of harpsichords, ancient and modern. This book is interesting, readable, sometimes humorous, often bitingly critical. Zuckermann’s liberal use of his own rather strong opinion seems not to detract from the authority of this well-researched work. Anyone interested in buying or building a harpsichord will find this book immensely valuable and well worth its $15.00 price. Having just finished my first scratch-built harpsichord, I speak from personal experience.

—  J.R. Beall (1973)