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Monochord Enthusiasts “Dig” Colo.

Monochord Enthusiasts “Dig” Colo.

“14,000 Feet and Beyond” Proclaims Participant

by Bonnie Carol

Originally published in Guild of American Luthiers Newsletter Vol. 4, #4, 1976


Note: The following is a report on the “In Search of the Wild Dulcimer, Kindred Gathering II”, held August 13, 14, 15, 1976.

We dulcimer players got together at a 130 acre homestead in the Colorado Rockies near Fort Collins. It all began with the arrival of Janette Gould, Robert Force, Albert d’Ossche, Ian, Neal, Sally and Shilo Hellman, a week or so in advance. We all fixed trucks, dug outhouses, hiked into snowstorms at 14,000 feet and beyond, ate meals prepared by professional cooks, Neal and Sally, and even played dulcimer on occasion.

The festival included workshops of “Rhythm” (Albert d’Ossche), “Fingerpicking” (Bonnie Carol and Roger Harris), “Mode within Modes” (Neal Hellman), “Moving with Voice” (opera as learned in Southwestern New Mexico from an Italian opera singer by Robert and Janette), “Blues Dulcimer” (by some California folks with chromatic dulcimers with guitar-like necks, Robert and Susan Cole and Mark and Julie Warner), “Building” (Roger Harris and Bonnie Carol), and probably others that I didn’t hear about. Many impromptu jams and occurrences — including a banjo (played by Blind Boy d’Ossche), fiddle, kazzo, and even dulcimer reveille on Sunday; square dancing with a live Colorado caller, Connie Baker; and a Saturday night fireside song swap. What more could we want? ◆