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Letter: First Guitar

Letter: First Guitar

by Gretchen Weeks Brough

Originally published in American Lutherie #45, 1996

Dear GAL,

I am a new member, in the process of making my first guitar — a flattop acoustic cutaway. I became interested in lutherie when my husband needed a quality acoustic guitar and we couldn’t afford what he wanted. I asked a local luthier about learning the art, and his recommendation was to get all the books and videos I could find, and then buy a kit from Martin as a first project. This, we could afford!

In AL#43, a letter from Mr. Rick Topf mentions computer aided design (CAD), and wondering if there would be any interest in drawings done in AutoCAD format. There certainly is! I am, by trade, a freelance computer drafter, working in AutoCAD format. Not only would I be interested in drawings anyone else has done in AutoCAD, I would be happy to offer my services to anyone who wants their drawings done in AutoCAD.

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