Schools, Classes & Individual Instruction

Online Lutherie Instruction

Tom Bills of St Louis Missouri has been a full-time guitar builder since 1998. See his online guitar school

Shaun Conrad,
Articles and instructions for building and repairing both electric and acoustic guitars

DIY Guitar Making;
Topics related to Guitar Making and Finishing

Fret Not Guitar Repair. Nearly every topic pertaining to guitar repair and maintenance is covered, along with help and how-to’s, before and after pictures of repairs, and a host of repair parts and equipment.

Charles A. Hoffman;
Flattop guitar construction, comprehensive

Hans Johannson;
Violin making with descriptions, photos, drawings, and movie clips; comprehensive

Martin Koch;
Electric guitar building in German and English; abundant links, resources

Kathy Matsushita;
Flattop guitar/kit construction information and more

Mike Nelson;
Mandolin building

Musical Instrument Makers Forum (MIMF)
On-line instrument making courses (fee required) and discussion groups

O'Brien Guitars, Robert O'Brien;
On-line instrument making courses on electric, acoustic, classical, sharpening, spray finish, French polish, and rosette making.

Rebuilding a Prima Balalaika - a lot of useful information on the balalaika.

Online Guitar Making Course with Pablo Requena
How to make a classical guitar from scratch

David Schramm;
Classical guitar, Segovia's 1937 Hauser using GAL Plan #33, limited enrollment; interactive

David Van Edwards
Weekly, summer school, cd-rom; various early stringed instruments including lutes, viols, guitars