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Beginning or Aspiring Luthiers

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Online Lutherie Instruction

Academy of Guitar Making & Bailey Guitars; Course enquiries:
Online guitar courses, support, resources and an awesome community of builders. Online courses are by monthly subscription at your leisure. Mark Bailey started making guitars in 1990, and running courses since 1999 ...and is still learning. Also teach face-to-face courses in Southern Scotland (see International Schools).

Tom Bills of St Louis Missouri has been a full-time guitar builder since 1998. See his online guitar school

Shaun Conrad,
Articles and instructions for building and repairing both electric and acoustic guitars

DIY Guitar Making;
Topics related to Guitar Making and Finishing

Charles A. Hoffman;
Flattop guitar construction, comprehensive

Hans Johannson;
Violin making with descriptions, photos, drawings, and movie clips; comprehensive

Martin Koch;
Electric guitar building in German and English; abundant links, resources

Kathy Matsushita;
Flattop guitar/kit construction information and more

Mike Nelson;
Mandolin building

Musical Instrument Makers Forum (MIMF)
On-line instrument making courses (fee required) and discussion groups

O'Brien Guitars, Robert O'Brien;
On-line instrument making courses on electric, acoustic, classical, sharpening, spray finish, French polish, and rosette making.

Online Guitar Making Course with Pablo Requena
How to make a classical guitar from scratch

David Schramm;
Classical guitar, Segovia's 1937 Hauser using GAL Plan #33, limited enrollment; interactive

David Van Edwards
Weekly, summer school, cd-rom; various early stringed instruments including lutes, viols, guitars