American Lutherie Advertising

American Lutherie is the quarterly publication of the Guild of American Luthiers. Our 8 1/2" × 11" format journal, 76 pages* in length reaches over 3,500 Guild members, as well as numerous other luthiers and aficionados in the field. Back issues of American Lutherie are kept as reference material and referred to again and again over the years. The GAL is a non-profit membership organization. We consider ads to be an information resource for our members. We keep the number of pages devoted to ads low, so we can keep the number of pages devoted to articles high. In our regular issues, we only offer quarter-page and eighth-page ads.* (We won’t combine small ads to make larger ads, but you are free to run more than one ad in an issue). Ad placement is at our discretion (inside pages only).

American Lutherie is printed in full color. Ads can be in black & white or color. There is no additional charge for color ads. Please read and follow our guidelines below for ad art.

*We are continuing the new publishing plan we began in 2018. The Spring, Summer, and Winter issues will be our usual 76-page journal (with the ads included in the pages of the journal). The fall issue will be a 100-page anthology issue/book that will not contain advertising. We will publish a separate lutherie supplier advertising supplement that will be mailed with the fall anthology issue to all members. We expect that this supplement will be kept by members as a handy resource for future reference. Since the advertising will be in a separate publication, we are able to offer 1/2-page and full-page ads in the fall insert only. We will require payment in advance for these larger ads, as the size of the insert will be determined by the number and size of ads we receive. If you are a regular advertiser you can continue to run your usual ad if you prefer.

See our American Lutherie Advertising Rate Sheet pdf which includes rates, specs and deadlines. To schedule an ad, contact Deb Olsen using the contact form below.

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