American Lutherie Advertising

American Lutherie is the printed journal of the Guild of American Luthiers. Beginning in 2024, we will publish three times a year: regular size (av. 76 page), Spring and Summer issues, and a larger Fall/Winter issue.  American Lutherie is an 8 1/2" × 11" format, full-color journal. We offer only quarter- and eighth-page ads. Our publications reach around 3,500 Guild members each issue, as well as numerous other luthiers and aficionados in the field. Back issues of American Lutherie are kept as reference material and are referred to again and again over the years.

The GAL is a non-profit educational membership organization. We consider ads to be an information resource for our members. We try to keep the number of pages devoted to ads low, in order to maximize the educational content of our journal. Ad placement is at our discretion (inside pages only).

American Lutherie is printed in full color. Ads can be in black & white or color; there is no additional charge for color ads. See our American Lutherie Advertising Info which includes rates, insertion deadlines, payment requirements, and art specs. To schedule an ad (or if you have questions after looking at our advertising info), contact Deb Olsen using the contact form below.


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