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Product Reviews: Knilling Perfection Planetary Pegs

Product Reviews: Knilling Perfection Planetary Pegs

Reviewed by Randy DeBey

Originally published in American Lutherie #100, 2009

By now, just about everyone who works with stringed instruments has at least heard of Pegheds or Knilling Perfection Planetary Pegs. These are geared tuning pegs that look very much like ordinary ebony friction pegs, but work more like fine tuners. They contain a set of planetary gears, which reduce the rotation by a rate of 4:1 for violin family instruments and flamenco guitars, and 16:1 for steel string guitars.

Those who haven’t yet taken the plunge and installed a set are probably waiting to have various concerns answered. I’ll try to explain how they are constructed, so you can imagine for yourself how well they might work, and also relate some of my own experience with them. I’ve installed over 100 of the pegs, mostly in violins, but also in cellos, ouds, a banjo, and a guitar.

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