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The Case For KTM

The Case For KTM

by Michael Turko

Originally published in American Lutherie #72, 2002

For ten years now I have been building custom guitars, and I have been using KTM waterborne lacquer as my only finish coat for most of that time. I believe it is an excellent choice for the small custom builder for a variety of reasons.

▶ There is no offensive odor or noxious fumes to create problems in residential neighborhoods.
▶ It may be applied by hand without sprayers or other specialized equipment.
▶ It dries extremely fast, and may be buffed to a high gloss within hours (or less) instead of days.
▶ It builds much faster than solvent-based lacquers, and many coats can be applied on the same day.
▶ No special pore or grain fillers are required.
▶ It dries absolutely clear without adding any tint or shade of its own (although tinting maybe added if desired).

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