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Review: L’ELAN

Review: L’ELAN

Reviewed by Francis Kosheleff

Originally published in American Lutherie #20, 1989

Ecole de Lutherie Artistique du Noroit Inc
226, rue Christophe-Colomb est
Quebec, Quebec G1K 3S7 CANADA

L’ELAN is a twenty page magazine published in French by the Ecole de Lutherie Artistique du Noroit, hence the E.L.A.N. which also means flight or momentum.

It is a free publication sent out by the lutherie school of Quebec which is financially supported by the Ministere des Affaires Culturelles, a Canadian government agency.

Of L’ELAN #2 (Spring ’89) the cover is color, a striking photo of part of a violin. There is a three page essay on the tonic of craft and craftsmen and their role in our times, followed by a three page informative article on the care and main tenance of keyboard instruments with drawings. There are also interviews, or visits with three luthiers: violin maker, Andre Gadoury; harp maker, Alain Beaudoin; xylophone-marimba — vibraphone maker, Denis Grenier; all with black and white photos.

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