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Letter: Koestler’s “The Act of Creation”

Letter: Koestler’s “The Act of Creation”

by Richard Schneider

Originally published in American Lutherie #17, 1989



In my lecture to the 1978 GAL convention, I made a strong pitch for Arthur Koestler’s 1964 work The Act of Creation as a useful and great book. The Guild ran an interview with me in which I was quoted as recommending it. More than 10 years later, in SIGNAL: Communication Tools for the Information Age, a Whole Earth Catalog, Stewart Brand had the following to say about it:

“Koestler takes his notion of bisociation to be the root of humor, discovery, and art. I take it to be one of the roots of learning, subject to applications of method (on yourself or whomever). Koestler is a scientist of some reputation by now. This is the book — on how discovery of every kind really occurs in the mind — that gave him the reputation. His most lasting contribution. Get this book back in print!”