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Letter: Erikson Letter AL#7

Letter: Erikson Letter AL#7

by George Manno

Originally published in American Lutherie #8, 1986


Dear Tim:

In response to Mr. Erikson’s letter, published in American Lutherie #7, I’d like to say that just because violin makers focus their talents on one art form, it shouldn’t and doesn't make me feel above any of my fellow lodge brothers or sisters who practice their talents in another form. I felt Mr. Erikson was trying to impy just that when he referred to violin makers as “a special breed.”

I also disagree with his statement that the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers lacks unity. Although I am not a member of this federation, I have spoken to its president and secretary on many occasions. Unity within the federation is stressed at all times.

The question of work ethics, which I raised in the article entitled “Honesty” (American Lutherie #5), is only a small part of a bigger concern that many violin makers face. In many ways, the G.A.L., with its publication, has helped bridge the gaps that arise due to the lack of information being published by and for violin makers. Tim, I applaud your efforts. American Lutherie #7 was one of the best violin-related issues ever.

If you are an amateur maker or a professional maker or repairman/woman who would like to start a new guild for violin and bow makers, with the sole purpose of sharing more information on making, repair techniques, and instrument identification, please contact me. I’d be willing to start some sort of newsletter to help get it off the ground. This does not mean that I am leaving the G.A.L.

Sounds great! The GAL loves lutherie info sharing in any form. Also,
American Lutherie has good violin stuff in the can for upcoming issues. Thanks to members like you, George, our violin family coverage has improved noticeably.