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Review: Experimental Musical Instruments

Review: Experimental Musical Instruments

Reviewed by Fred Carlson

Originally published in American Lutherie #3, 1985 and Big Red Book of American Lutherie Volume One, 2000

Experimental Musical Instruments
A Newsletter for the Design, Construction, and Enjoyment of New Sound Sources
Published bimonthly
Magazine defunct (1999)

Volume 1, #1 (1975)

In a world of luthiers trying, with all the intensity luthiers are capable of, to see who can make the best Martin or Strad copy, this publication is a potential breath of fresh air. It is my personal opinion that we as luthiers have to not only continue traditions, but evolve, expand, even break out of them entirely at times, in order to keep them vibrant and meaningful. Experimental Musical Instruments is a newsletter that seems to me to get to the heart of this issue. Creation is what it’s all about: using existing knowledge as a basis to experiment, learn more, and have fun. And maybe make some real breakthroughs in the process.

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