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Post-Toronto Reflections

Post-Toronto Reflections

by Jeffrey R. Elliott

Originally published in Guild of American Luthiers Quarterly 6, #3, 1978

The Canadian-hosted classic guitar festival “Guitar ’78” has left me with several vivid impressions, some of which I felt might merit hearing through the Guild Quarterly.

The range and scope of this event was extensive, and to merely remain with the pace was exhausting. While I had hoped to experience something of several other events also scheduled, I soon discovered that to participate in all the luthiers’ happenings meant to forego nearly every other event on the program. With the scheduled four hours of the guitar makers’ workshop each day, meals, the evening concerts, and precious little sleep, any shop talk or visiting with other luthiers meant overlapping with other classes and events. An expected sacrifice from my “Guitar ’75” experience, but extensive and exhausting nonetheless. Of the 600 or so in attendance perhaps 10% were luthiers: having some 60 luthiers around for 24 hours a day, every day for a week, as well as the scheduled 20 hours of lecture-discussion, rendered me totally susceptible and helpless, and I became absorbed in that unique blend of professional and social camaraderie experienced during both the 1977 G.A.L. convention and the “Guitar ’75” festival. Some fine friendships, and solid professional relationships as well, have had their beginnings at these events. The 1978 G.A.L. Convention/Exhibition and the Carmel Classic Guitar Festival ought to round out this year nicely.

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