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DIGITAL VERSION of the Spring issue is available now to 2024 members!

The digital version of the AL#151 is on our website now. Members should login and then find the link on the AL#151 preview page.

FREE Sample of our new digital version of
American Lutherie 

See how our new digital version of American Lutherie will work with this free sample of an out-of-print AL back issue. We’ll keep it on the site for a limited time, so anyone can see this new benefit of membership for current issues.


2023 Members - Renew now for 2024 and you’ll be all set for another great year of Guild membership! See our new publishing schedule and features for 2024.
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We have a new publishing schedule for American Lutherie in 2024, with some new online features:
- American Lutherie will be published in print three times per year. You'll get our usual Spring and Summer issues, plus an extra-large issue for the Fall/Winter. Projected publication months will be March, July, and November.
- For the first time, current members will be able to view their new issues in a digital format on our website. All members in the USA and Canada will receive the print publication and have access to the digital version. Overseas members will have the option of a digital-only membership to avoid increased postage costs and delivery problems.
- The Articles Online feature of our website will see a significant increase in releases, including periodic large collections of great articles from our earlier journals. These will take the place of our printed American Lutherie Anthology book series. All members will have access to our rapidly-growing archive of Articles Online.

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Our 23rd GAL Convention/Exhibition, held July 2023, was a huge success! See photos and more on our 2023 Convention page.

We marked 50 years of the Guild in 2022, and we’re still celebrating! See all sorts of fun history from our 20th and 40th anniversary, plus photos and more on our History page.


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