American Lutherie

Our respected quarterly journal American Lutherie is a unique publication that focuses on all aspects of the art, craft, and science of stringed instrument making and repair, and it reflects the varied interests of our diverse membership. Friendly in tone, rich in quality and content, and in full color since 2011, each 76-page issue contains interviews, pictures, adventures, research, opinion, reviews, and how-to information, all of specific interest to the maker and repairer of stringed musical instruments. Sharing lutherie information is what the Guild is all about, and American Lutherie is our primary vehicle for accomplishing that goal. Articles come from two sources: those produced by the GAL staff with the cooperation of our members (such as interviews and presentations from our conventions), and voluntary submissions of Guild members themselves.

American Lutherie is currently in its 31st year of publication. (Previous to 1985, we published in a smaller format.) Seven volumes of the Big Red Book of American Lutherie include the content of the first 84 issues, which are no longer available individually as back issues.

We are interested in publishing opinions, theories, methods, or designs that are backed by experience. Our volunteer authors are motivated by a desire to benefit others with what they have learned, and support the give-and-take system employed by the Guild. GAL members find the techniques, practices, and methods of other builders to be of value in their own workshops, whether in their own specific fields or not. This wide outlook and open attitude is basic to the success of the Guild. It seems to be working. Never has the American lutherie scene been stronger, deeper, more productive, or more highly respected. We are proud to have been a part of this historic development.

Four issues of American Lutherie (published in March, June, September and December), are the main benefit of annual membership in the Guild. To receive this year’s issues of American Lutherie, become a GAL member today!

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