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American Lutherie #89 - Summer 2007

Page 6 - Low-Tech Prototyping Jigs and Methods

by Tim Shaw

Page 18 - Meet Chris Jenkins

by Steve Kinnaird

**VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED** <<<Needs link to photo? It's a gruesome photo of Chris's hand after he cut it on the table saw, include or not?>>>
This link takes you to a photo of Chris Jenkins' hand after he cut it on a table saw. It's a graphic photo that you might not want to look at. Speaking of tables saws, follow this link and scroll all the way down. Sawstop would have saved him. We remind everyone to use extreme caution when operating powered tools or machinery.

<<<Below link, don't know if it's right anymore. Link to the text is correct but text may not have a folder called "downloads" anymore.>>>


visit the website of the author Chris Jenkins.

Page 22 - Making a Brass Plane

by Ken Altman

Page 30 - Mending a Bomber

by John Calkin

Page 34 - The Trio Romántico and the Requinto

by Fred Casey

Page 38 - Meet Dmitry Zhevlakov

by Federico Sheppard

Page 42 - Jim Norris’ Lattice Bracing

by Brent Benfield

Page 48 - Aluminum Sonatas: A Brief History of Aluminum String Instruments

by James Condino

Page 56 - Optimizing Playing Surface Geometry

by R.M. Mottola

Page 62 - The Chanlynn Deflection Machine

by John Calkin

Page 64 - Product Reviews: Klumper Binding Cutter

by Alan Portman and John Mello

Page 66 - Questions

edited by R.M. Mottola

Makoto Tsuruta, a source of bar fret stock.

Page 68 - It Worked for Me

by Harry Fleishman, Peter True, Harry Tomita, and Glenn Uhler