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American Lutherie #86 - Summer 2006

Page 6 - Arched Plate Carving, Part Three

by Chris Burt

Here are color versions of several of the photos:

Page 18 - Meet the Maker: Bernard Millant

by Jonathon Peterson

Page 24 - Modern Approaches to Adjustable Neck Joints

by Harry Fleishman and Mike Doolin

See Mike Doolin’s web site.

Here some shots of Harry Fleishman’s version of the adjustable neck. None of these appeared in the magazine.

See Harry Fleishman’s web site.

Page 32 - Meet the Maker: Carleen Hutchins

by Alan Carruth

See the web site of the New Violin Family Association.

Author Al Carruth’s web site.

Page 42 - Alternative Headstock Decoration and Truss Rod Adjustment Access

by R.M. Mottola

Author R.M. Mottola’s informative web site.

Page 48 - Seeking the Top

by Michael Sanden

Page 50 - A Flattop Mandolin Resurrection

by John Calkin

Page 54 - Puerto Rican Tiple Conference

by Fred Casey

Page 62 - Product Reviews

by James Condino

See the Sawstop web page.