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American Lutherie #136 - Spring 2019

Page 4 - Bob Ruck as I Knew Him

by Federico Sheppard

Page 22 - Our Man in Manhattan
The American Guitars of the Tatay Family

by January Williams


5. TB links to a website which details Sancho’s company information including the business difficulties:

8. TB. Over the years the Tatays built many instruments for other makers, distributors, and labels.

13. TB. José Luis y Salvador Tatay Marti SRC, active as early as 1968, ended in 1986 with the death of José Luis; Salvador continued building solo for some time.

14. TB has done much research into Valencian companies, in particular into Telesforo Julve.

15. TB. Andrés arrives in NY in November 1920.

26. Their business card from the time says “Manufacturers and Importers of Fine Spanish Guitars,” and in fine print, “Factory: Valencia, Spain.” See bottom of p. 5. (This is also the link called “Current page dedicated to Andrés Tatay Tomás” under Resources.

27. “Joseph Michaels, NBC news in Farmingville.” TB.

29. Newspaper article.

Ton Bogaard’s home page:

Other Sources
Tatay Guitars Catalog c.1965.

Downloadable Documents relating to Tatay family history

Tatay 1965 New York Catalog (pdf)

Fretts magazine article 1967 (pdf)

Guitar & Lute magazine article 1979 (pdf)

Sevilla Flamenca article 1989 (pdf)

Spanish text plus complete English translation of Sevilla Flamenca article 1989 (pdf)

Page 36 - Meet the Maker: Shaun Newman

by Mike Gluyas

Page 42 - Case Study of a 1935 Guitar by Cremonese Luthier Luigi Digiuni

by Massimo Maddaloni with Lizabeth Jane Hella and Giacomo Parimbelli

Download audio files to compare the Diguini guitar, a studio guitar, and a high-end luthier guitar.
The files called "blind sound test" are the same as the named files. They could be useful for arranging a blind listening test.