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American Lutherie #114 - Summer 2013

Page 6 - Hearing Voices: A Recipe for Voicing the Steel String Guitar

by John Greven

Mike Doolin made these videos of John Greven explaining and demonstrating his voicing method.

John Greven on Selecting Guitar Tops

John Greven on Selecting Brace Stock

John Greven Plays the Finished Guitars

These are audio clips from the 2011 convention workshop.

Four grades of Adirondack tops demonstrate that price is not always indicative of tonal properties. In Greven’s view, the middle grades are the best of the bunch:

Identical Lutz-topped guitars with different back and sides:

Identical Lutz-topped guitars of different size:

Similar guitars, one new and one old:

Page 14 - Meet the Maker: Stephen Marchione

by James Condino

Page 38 - Let’s Catch Up with Fabio Ragghianti

by Brian Yarosh

Page 64 - Product Reviews: Kahler 2415-CX Tremolo Bass Bridge

by Eron Harding