•  Our 23rd GAL Convention/Exhibition, which had been scheduled for July 2020, has been canceled. See more... 

We are currently able to fulfill all orders. Due to continued community spread of the virus in our area, our staff is working staggered hours, so please be patient and expect that there may be minor delays with your order or in responding to emails. Check our shipping info for usual shipping times. Consider that there may be shipping disruptions or delays in your area/country due to the effects of the pandemic. If you have a question about your order, please contact us through our website contact form.

•  Our American Lutherie publication schedule will be able to continue without interruption this year! We plan to publish American Lutherie this year as usual, with all the great content and quality that our members expect from the Guild. Our printer in Missouri has several separate locations and are considered critical infrastructure, so they should be able keep their presses rolling. This is a great time to join or renew your membership in the Guild!

• We continue to add new articles to our members-only Premium Web Content. If you joined or renewed your Guild membership for 2020 on this website since August 2019, you have access to the Premium Web Content. If not, and if you didn’t register on the site last fall, you may need to contact us for help in setting up an account. Just use our handy contact form and we’ll get you set up!

•  We appreciate all our members and customers, and hope everyone stays safe and well during this difficult time. Luthiers are in a unique position to be productive at home, so we hope you’ll be able to continue to create many beautiful instruments!