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Questions: Liquid Hide and White Glue

Questions: Liquid Hide and White Glue

by Dale Zimmerman

Originally published in American Lutherie #101, 2010

JM from the Internet asks:

Both liquid hide glue and white glue are reviled by a lot of luthiers, but I suspect that a lot of highly regarded instruments were made using these glues, since these were widely used before yellow glue was invented. This makes me want to take a more objective look at these glues. Does anyone have a comprehensive comparison of the qualities of these glues and also of hot hide glue and yellow glue?

Dale Zimmerman from Franklin International in Columbus, Ohio responds:

As JM suggested, there are clearly differences between the various types of glue, and luthiers have learned to especially appreciate the characteristics of hot hide glue and yellow glue and feel less comfortable with liquid hide glue and white glue. With that in mind, it might be good to start with the fact that there is almost no difference in strength between the various categories of products.

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