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Letter: Fabio Lutherie Class

Letter: Fabio Lutherie Class

by Steve Spodaryk

Originally published in American Lutherie #69, 2001


Dear GAL,

While traveling in Italy this fall, I was fortunate to study with Fabio Ragghianti. Over a two-week period, I was able to see the construction of a flamenco guitar. These beautiful instruments are built one at a time, so seeing this skilled handwork was very educational for a beginner like myself. I also learned to French polish, and saw many useful tools that Fabio has designed.

Fabio and his wife Luciana were wonderful hosts. We enjoyed great meals, conversation, and side trips to the surrounding towns and countryside. I am looking forward to returning later this year and building a classical guitar under Fabio’s tutelage.

Thank you GAL for fostering these experiences and furthering the art of lutherie. I came home completely inspired, and I am busily working on a new guitar. ◆