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Questions: Guitar Stand

Questions: Guitar Stand

by Cyndy Burton

Originally published in American Lutherie #67, 2001


Doug Lancaster from cyberspace asks:

I’ve been working on the design of a high-end classical guitar stand and have begun to think about marketing it to dealers of classical guitars. Any suggestions?

Editor responds:
Yes, a quick look through Soundboard magazine (, Guitar Review (, and Acoustic Guitar magazine (, will reveal an unprecedented abundance of dealers. The websites are very handy places to get a feel for the relative values of instruments, too. Here’s a list which is by no means totally inclusive: (By the way, all the websites mentioned in this column are available as links at the GAL page.)

Richard Bruné (Evanston, IL)

Classic Guitars International (Los Angeles, CA area)

GSP (Guitar Solo, San Francisco, CA)

Guitar Salon International (Santa Monica, CA)

The Guitar Salon (Beverly Maher, NY, NY)

Guitars International (Armin Kelly, Cleveland, OH)

Handpicked Guitars (Rik Jonna, Detroit, MI area)

Kirkpatrick Studio (Baltimore, MD)

Pioneer Music (Portland, OR)

Rare and Fine Guitars (Bruce Banister, Jefferson, IA)

Jerry Roberts Guitars (Nashville, TN)

Rosewood Guitar (Seattle, WA)

Santa Fe Guitar Works (Santa Fe, NM)

Trilogy Guitars (John Silva, Los Angeles, CA)

Dan Zeff Guitars (Los Angeles, CA)