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Questions: Dulcimer Plans

Questions: Dulcimer Plans

by Owen Couch

Originally published in American Lutherie #39, 1994


Owen Couch from Zuni, New Mexico responds to requests for dulcimer plans:

In response to your piece on where to obtain plans I thought I’d mention How to Make and Play the Dulcimore by Chet Hines. It has plans for one of the nicest dulcimer designs I’ve ever seen (designed by the author). Mr. Hines calls it the “masterpiece dulcimore” and it is a truly beautiful design. The book includes full-scale drawings in a pullout section in back, detailed descriptions of all phases of construction, and, as the title suggests, instructions on how to play. It also has excellent black and white photos of some unique antique dulcimers. It was published in 1973 by Stackpole Books in Harrisburg PA.

(Note: the publisher tells me this book has been out of print for some time, but perhaps copies can be found.)