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de Grassi & Dawgs: Our Hates & Luvs

de Grassi & Dawgs: Our Hates & Luvs

by David B. Sheppard

Originally published in Guild of American Luthiers Quarterly, Volume 9, #3, 1981

I conducted brief interviews with some of the top-notch performers at the 1980 G.A.L. Convention; David Grisman, Mike Marshall, Mark O’Conner, and Alex de Grassi. I asked each of them the same questions:

What instruments do you use on stage?

As you might expect, this question produced a variety of answers. Alex de Grassi uses three recent instruments; two made by the Guild Guitar Company (a six-string and a twelve-string), and his main guitar made by Ervin Somogyi. The members of the David Grisman Quintet (Grisman, Marshall, and O’Conner) use a number of vintage instruments on stage, most of which are Gibson; F-5 mandolins, H-4 mandola, K-4 mandocello. At the time of the convention Mark O’Conner was using a vintage Martin D-28 guitar, but shortly thereafter he purchased a cutaway flattop guitar from Ervin Somogyi and is now using it most of the time. The Grisman Quintet also uses recent mandolins by Guild member John Monteleone in its performances.

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