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Bridge Positioning

Bridge Positioning

by Eric Henderson

Originally published in Guild of American Luthiers Data Sheet #7, 1975


One procedure I use which your readers may find useful is that on my guitar top all the cross bracing and fan bracing is made up from the cuttings from the top blanks.

For the cross bracing, I have to laminate two pieces together with the joint at right angles to the top. This procedure, I feel, guarantees that the woods are compatible.

Another thing I do is when gluing the bridge I drill two small holes approximately 1/16" diam. in the slot for the ivory saddle, and when the bridge is precisely positioned, I drill through the top. The bridge can then be glued without being concerned about it moving because I temporarily inset two finishing nails in the two holes.

The finishing nails are removed before the glue has completely set. The holes remaining are covered up by the ivory saddle.

These are just two small items, but I would like to see the members who want to share small items like this write them up. ◆