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Questions: Single String That is Too Sharp

Questions: Single String That is Too Sharp

by Neil Kok

Originally published in American Lutherie #102, 2010


Neil Kok from Finland adds his answer to the question in AL #100 about problems with a single string that is too sharp:

I was interested in John Calkin’s answer about modifying the saddle to remedy a guitar string that is too sharp. I have an example from one of my own guitars that may complement John’s answer with another solution. If the nut is not made exactly correctly, the string may not rest on the front edge of the nut but farther back, or even on its back edge. If the gap between nut and string is small enough, this may cause a sitar-like clatter and call our attention to the nut. But if there’s no clatter we may not notice this at all, and wonder why the string is sharp. I just filed a bit at the groove for the B string, giving it the right form, and the guitar plays beautifully in tune now.