GAL Membership Grant Program

During the pandemic and subsequent economic downturn, we started offering a limited number of one-year grants to help offset the cost of membership to luthiers who were experiencing economic hardship. We’re continuing the program in XXXX for anyone who might otherwise not be able to afford Guild membership. If you are a student, disabled, on a fixed income, or experiencing economic hardship that you don’t expect to improve later in the year, please feel free to join or renew using the membership grants. We would especially like to encourage younger folks to participate!

This grant program is on the honor system - please pick the level that fits your need. Funds are limited, so if you can afford to chip-in half, that will make more grants available to more members.

Grants are being offered at two levels:

Full grant - $XX
Half grant - $XX

We cannot cover postage costs for memberships outside the US, so $XX will be added to your dues.

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GAL membership grants for XXXX are being funded by a generous donation from Chris and Leah Swartley, as well as individual GAL members.

Please read the membership benefits on the main membership page.

If you’d like to help us give more GAL memberships to more luthiers, donate to our GAL Membership Grant Program here.

If you have questions, contact Deb with our contact form.