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American Lutherie #99 - Fall 2009

Page 3 - Letters from our readers

Page 6 - Building for Playability

from his 2008 GAL Convention lecture by David Freeman

Page 11 - Understanding Neck Rake

by John Calkin

Page 14 - Meet the Maker: David Cohen

by Roger Alan Skipper

Page 30 - Developing the Modern 20-String Concert Harp Guitar

by Jeffrey R. Elliott

Page 38 - Electric Bass Design Considerations

from their 2008 GAL Convention panel discussion by Veronica Merryfield, David Minnieweather, and Harry Fleishman, moderator and organizer

Page 54 - Meet the Maker: John Calkin

by Lamar Scomp

Page 68 - Questions

edited by R.M. Mottola