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American Lutherie #98 - Summer 2009

Page 6 - The Archtop Guitar: Perspectives on the Present and Future

from their 2008 GAL Convention panel discussion by Steve Grimes, Ted Megas, and Tom Ribbecke, Jeff Elliott, moderator

Page 18 - Meet the Maker: Cyndy Burton

by Tim Olsen

Page 34 - Restoring a “Church Bass”

by Frederick C. Lyman

Page 36 - Meet the Maker: James Buckland

by John Calkin

Page 44 - Two Tuvan Instruments

by Thomas Johnson

Page 48 - Dulcimer 101

by John Calkin

Page 57 - Using the Golden Section to Design a Kamanche

by Ahanali Jahandideh, Mitra Jahandideh, Hadi Abbaszadeh, and Samad Jahandideh

Download the Kamanche Word document.

Page 68 - Questions

edited by R.M. Mottola