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American Lutherie #97 - Spring 2009

Page 4 - New Directions in Violin Making

from his 2008 Convention lecture by Joseph Curtin

Page 18 - Meet the Maker: Michael Dunn

by Jonathon Peterson

Page 28 - What is the Flamenco Guitar?

from their 2006 GAL Convention panel discussion by Richard Bruné, Eugene Clark, and John Park. Jeff Elliott, moderator and organizer

Page 42 - Meet the Maker: Graham McDonald

by John Calkin

Page 52 - Restoring a Battle Axe

by Roger Alan Skipper

Page 52 - A Method for the Design of the Guitar Body Outline

by R.M. Mottola

Page 62 - Spherical Workboard Update

by Brent Benfield

Page 67 - It Worked for Me

by Charles Fox

Page 68 - Questions

edited by R.M. Mottola

You can download a Excel spreadsheet for calculating shape of back braces from edge and center heights.